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Lonmin bursaries

About Lonmin bursaries

The Lonmin Mining group is giving bursaries to students who want to pursue studies in the mining field. The mining group company is awarding talented and deserving candidates wishing to chase a profession in the mining field or any related field. Continue reading

KPMG bursaries

About KPMG bursaries 2018

KPMG is conglomerate business entity of professional networks whose presence and services are available in 144 Countries worldwide.  The company employs more than 137 000 around the world and provides services in the fields of Tax, Auditing as well as Advisory services to their clients. Continue reading

First Rand Ldaurie Dippenaar scholarship 2018 – 2019

The First Rand Ldaurie Dippenaar scholarship is a learnership programme intended to assist South African students who pursue their postgraduate studies abroad in any country and any field. The scholarship is only designed for students whose postgraduate studies do not exceed two years and an amount of R400 000 to be used for tuition fees, books, accommodation, meals and other relevant needs. Continue reading

First National Bank (FNB) bursaries

One of South Africa’s big five banks FNB is giving out bursaries to talented candidates who want to continue their studies in the finance sector. The bank has the community at its heart hence the move to give back to the community by affording talented and needy students the platform to pursue their studies within the finance framework.
Continue reading

Fidelity Fund Bursary program 2018 – 2019

Fidelity Fund, a South African financial company with branches around the country and in other countries is known for providing aid to talented students in the country on a yearly basis. The bursary programmes are designed for students who want to pursue their careers in the field of Law. Bursaries are made The Fidelity fund is intended to improve the legal field in the country by filling some of the gapes in various government departments as well as in the government sector. The bursary programme also allocates funds in the following institutes: Continue reading