Fidelity Fund Bursary program 2018 – 2019

Fidelity Fund, a South African financial company with branches around the country and in other countries is known for providing aid to talented students in the country on a yearly basis. The bursary programmes are designed for students who want to pursue their careers in the field of Law. Bursaries are made The Fidelity fund is intended to improve the legal field in the country by filling some of the gapes in various government departments as well as in the government sector. The bursary programme also allocates funds in the following institutes:

  • LSSA – Law Society of South Africa
  • BLA – Black Lawyers Association
  • Law Faculties at South African Universities
  • Law Clinics at South African Universities

The funding is not only designed to fund legal education but also helps to develop projects that are aligned to the legal industry. Meanwhile, candidates who grew up dreaming to become lawyers are urged to apply for this bursary programme.

Candidates applying for a bursary must consider these fields of study:

  • Law
  • LLB Law

Candidates currently studying at an institute of higher learning can apply for one of the following fields of study:

  • BA Law
  • BComm Law
  • BJuris
  • BProc

Worth mentioning is that the company will only allocate bursaries for a period of two years.

Fidelity Fund bursary requirement

Candidates who wish to be part of this bursary programme should accompany their applications with the following documents:

  • Candidates must be South African citizens
  • Candidates must have a valid ID book or card
  • Candidates must currently be studying at an accredited Institute of Higher Learning.

Candidates that are practicing attorney’s / candidate attorney’s need to read the following before applying as this will influence their bursary opportunities:

  • These bursaries are awarded to candidates studying at a South African University and intended to improve on the candidate’s professional qualifications at the time.
  • These bursaries are given by the Fund’s Board of Control’s Bursary Committee and for further study only.
  • Bursaries will only be for an amount of R7000 yearly and for a period of two years only.

Fidelity Fund bursaries application

Bursaries online application cannot be done but for additional information please feel free to visit their webpage and download the application.  Candidates interested in applying can also send a request for an application to Mr. Shawn Africa via one of the following means:

Fidelity Funds Contact Details:


Mr. Shawn Africa

Bursary Coordinator

Attorneys Fidelity Fund

5th floor

Waalburg Building

28 Wale Street

Cape Town




Mr. Shawn Africa

Bursary Coordinator

Attorneys Fidelity Fund

P.O. Box 3062

Cape Town


Contact details and fax:

Tel. No.: 021 424 4608 / 021 424 5351

Fax No.: 021 423 4819


All candidates that are applying must post or hand deliver applications with all required documentation as any applications faxed or send by e-mail will not be considered.

Fidelity Fund bursaries closing date

The closing date for applications is usually around the middle of August each year.

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