Nurturing Emerging Scholars Programme

The Department of Education has introduced the first phase of the Nurturing Emerging Scholars Programme for South Africans.

The three year programme includes a 2 year Masters scholarship followed by a 1 year academic internship at a South African University.

What are the application criteria?

  • Individuals need to show an interest in becoming an academic.
  • Applicants need to be 35 years or younger
  • A minimum average of 65% Level 8 qualification is required (e.g. Honours degree)
  • Evidence of eligibility to undertake postgraduate studies at Masters Level is a requirement
  • Individuals need to be able to commit to placement at the recruiting University for the full 3 years

What are the benefits?

The Nurturing Emerging Scholars Programme for South Africans offers individuals an opportunity to further their education while contributing to the bodies of knowledge existing on various schools of thought.

An Academic career provides opportunities for further personal development in addition to the ability to guide and become a positive influence on the brightest minds.

Problem-solving Academics contribute towards the betterment of society and innovative ways of developing the nation.

High-level work positions require continuous professional development to facilitate better decision-making skills. Tertiary education equips individuals with the diligence required to keep up with the demands of continuous education.

It’s a major driver of economic growth.

The Nurturing Emerging Scholars Programme for South Africans offers students ways to expand their professional network as well. By meeting with like-minded individuals who are able to create solutions for problems that plague communities all over the country these scholars are able to create networks. Individuals with a tertiary education are often looked up to as pillars of their communities and this programme facilitates better synergies. By undertaking this rigorous form of study, individuals are empowered to push themselves further in order to contribute towards building societies.

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