Supply chain logistics bursaries

Supply chain logistics bursaries available for students in South Africa provide a financial solution for individuals who may not be able to afford to pay for their studies.

With generally low barriers to entry and local job availability in most cases, supply chain logistics careers tend to offer a number of career opportunities.

Access to supply chain logistics bursaries in South Africa may also equip individuals with access to further education which can help to improve their knowledge and skills.

The Clover Pinnacle Bursary is one such opportunity. Offered to BCom students studying supply chain and logistics, the bursary covers tuition, fees, laptop costs, an allowance as well as transportation.

Online applications can be completed here.

The TOTAL Bursary is available for 8- 10 students at an FET college or University between the ages of 18 and 23 years.

To apply, complete the Total Bursary Application Form here.

Send the complete form to before 30 November annually.


Why opt for supply chain logistics bursaries?

A career in supply chain logistics can be quite rewarding whether one has pursued an advanced degree or not. It is one of the few careers that can yield high pay across the board.

In addition to the numerous career growth options provided, supply chain logistics are quite an essential part of the production cycle. Professionals working in these fields are tasked with ensuring that goods are available to consumers when and where they need them.

While supply chain managers are responsible for improving operations and efficiency, in order to minimise costs and shortages, logistics managers have a complementary role.

By coordinating the transportation, delivery and storage of goods, they are a key part of maintaining stock and its efficient moving.

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