Top Universities South Africa 2019- 2020

When one searches for information about Top Universities South Africa 2019- 2020 there are some common themes that come up.

These include qualities such as:

  • Standards of education
  • Research quality
  • Training quality
  • Prestige of the members of faculties

In South Africa, the leading tertiary education institutions strive to ensure that they offer the best quality education for students and that they provide an environment that is conducive to supporting the nation’s brightest minds.

South African Universities have made it to the best 1000 worldwide as per the 2018 – 2019 Center for World University Rankings. (CWUR)

University of Cape Town:

Currently ranked as the top university in South Africa and number 252 globally, UCT offers students access to a wide array of study options. It also has the highest enrollment of Interstate learners, of about 30 000.

University of the Witwatersrand:

Ranked number 254 worldwide, this institution was established in 1896 as a mining school. It currently has about 33 700 scholars and is among the top 50 institutions globally, teaching mineral and mining engineering.

Stellenbosch University:

Established in 1918, this institution ranks at number 31 globally. With approximately 30 850 students in South Africa, it is ranked highly.  Top disciplines include Divinity & Religious Studies, Development Studies as well as Agriculture and Theology among others.

University of KwaZulu – Natal:

Formed in 2004 after the merger of University of Natal and Durban- Westville, this institution is ranked at number 424 globally. It is fast- growing and is becoming renowned as a leading South African institution.

University of Johannesburg:

Established in 2005 after the merger of three Universities, namely the Rand Afrikaans University (RAU), Vista University and Technikon Witwatersrand, UJ is becoming a leading educational advocate. Ranked at 761 globally, it is held in high esteem for its Development Studies.

University of Pretoria:

With 53 000 students enrolled, UP turned 112 years old in February 2020. The only South African institution to have a faculty of veterinary science, it also offers up to 1800 study programmes.

North-West University:

Following a 2004 merger of the University of the North West and Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, NWU has three campuses with about 64 000 students. It is best known for innovation.

University of the Western Cape:

Established in 1959, UWC is located in Bellville, Cape Town and is known to have one the most diverse group of students.

Rhodes University:

Ranked 1224 globally, this Makanda- based institution was established in 1904. It currently has 8000 students and is best known for its excellent English Language, Literature and Communication and Media Studies programme.

University of Free State:

Established in 1904 as Grey College, this Bloemfontein-based institution has three campuses and seven faculties.

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